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The colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that evaluates your colon. It’s one of the most essential tools in the battle against colon cancer. Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology has skilled gastroenterologists who provide colonoscopies at a state-of-the-art endoscopy center. To schedule your colonoscopy, call the office in Carmel, New York, or request an appointment online today.

Colonoscopy Q&A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that evaluates the lining of your large intestine, which is the last section of your gastrointestinal tract. 

During the procedure, your gastroenterologist inserts a thin, flexible tube that has a light and camera in your anus and advances it through your large intestine.

The camera transmits video of your colon to a computer monitor, allowing your gastroenterologist to closely examine the tissue and look for signs of abnormalities.

Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology performs the diagnostic procedure at its state-of-the-art endoscopy center.

Why would I need a colonoscopy?

Your primary care provider or gastroenterologist at Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology determines why you need a colonoscopy.

You may need a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer. The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy recommends everyone over the age of 45 undergo colon cancer screening.

The gastroenterologists at Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology also perform colonoscopies to diagnose and monitor gastrointestinal conditions such as ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, and colon polyps. 

They may also recommend the diagnostic test to find the underlying cause of your abdominal pain, chronic constipation or diarrhea, or rectal bleeding.

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

To prepare for your colonoscopy, your provider puts you on a modified diet the day before your test. You then take a laxative the evening before your test to clean out your colon. They request you take another laxative four hours before your scheduled colonoscopy and stop eating and drinking.

Bowel prep removes all waste and residue from your large intestine to improve visualization of your tissue during your colonoscopy. 

What happens during a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy at Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology takes 15 to 30 minutes. Before the test, your provider administers a sedative that eases discomfort and helps you relax. You may feel some pressure during the test.

After the examination, you go to the recovery area, and your gastroenterologist reviews the findings with you. 

Though you may feel awake by the time they send you home, you need to arrange for someone to drive you home after your colonoscopy and take it easy the rest of the day. 

A colonoscopy is the gold standard for colon cancer screening. 

For expert care from an experienced gastroenterologist, schedule your colonoscopy at  Westchester Putnam Gastroenterology today by calling or booking an appointment online today.